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Depression and Anxiety Therapy

Shift out of the physical, emotional, social, and behavioral restraints of depression and anxiety.  Reprogram your nervous system to normalize healthy behaviors, and thoughts that promote calm contentment.

Pre and Post Natal (Perinatal) Support

Preparing for pregnancy or becoming pregnant can bring up many questions, anxieties, and past traumas.  Receive support for navigating challenging health care visits, heal from traumas, and get help with some of the difficult decisions that arise. 

Trauma and Sexual Abuse Therapy

Shed feelings of isolation, worthlessness, hopelessness, distrust, and despair.  Find freedom and hope while moving towards the self and life you were meant to have. 

Personal Therapy

Learn a multitude of skills to gain the confidence needed to move passionately towards your goals.  Gain insight into your own worth, passions, and desires through therapeutic conversation, skill development, and therapeutic intervention.


Develop insight into your own addictions so that you can create specific goals for your own definition of a healthy  lifestyle.

Anger Management

Develop skills and insight that support assertive conflict resolution.

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